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Count on Sailfish to get you home safely, every time. With more than 30 years of design and engineering expertise, Sailfish combines time-tested boatbuilding techniques with the latest in marine technology to deliver a simply superior product. The secret to our boats’ lasting durability lies in our Sailtech Construction method, while our exclusive VDS hull design delivers unsurpassed ride quality. Read on to learn about the unique formula that sets Sailfish apart.



The 22° surface provides comfort and stability.


The 23° surface creates lift and improves fuel economy.


The 24° surface slices cleanly through the water.

Our exclusive Variable Degree Stepped (VDS) hull provides the smoothest, driest ride of any fishing boat on the market. This unique design features three distinct running surfaces: The first with a deep deadrise that cuts through the water, and two others that provide lift and stability. Enjoy triple the performance benefits of a typical V-hull.

Engineered for Comfort

Additional features of the VDS hull include a wide bow flare and turned-down spray rails that block water from entering the boat; a steep 48° to 58° deadrise at entry; and reverse chines that help stabilize the ride.


A key component of Sailtech Construction is the precision-built stringer system that forms the backbone of every Sailfish boat. Hand-laid and injected with closed-cell foam, then wrapped in fiberglass mat, these stringers provide lasting strength and superior integrity without extra weight.

Foam Filled Stringers

Stringers form an all-important grid structure inside the hull. Bulkheads, beams and cross members are hand-laid and injected with two-part closed-cell foam from Compsys, then wrapped with quad axial fiberglass mat.

Carbon Fiber Prisma Beams

PRISMA preforms are lightweight closed-cell foam beams laminated with fiberglass composite. They are applied under the bottom side of the deck to provide lasting structural support and eliminate any “spongy” feeling underfoot.

Sailtech Construction unites science, materials and human
touch to build lasting structural integrity into every hull.

Sailfish hulls are finished with a premium gel coat that gives the hull its head-turning shine. This gel coat is available in six colors, so boaters can choose the shade that best reflects their personal style.

Spray core is a ceramic spray, applied after the first skin coat of fiberglass, that serves as a heat shield barrier, protecting the hull from heat generated during the application of the fiberglass and resin layers atop it.

The hull is formed by adhering multiple overlapping layers of quad axial mat. This unique mat’s four layers of woven and stitched fiberglass material are each turned 90° to provide a full 360° of strength.

Sailtech Construction unites science, materials and human
touch to build lasting structural integrity into every hull.

COOSA transom board is a high-density closed-cell foam, embedded with fiberglass, that is ten times stronger than any wood transom, yet lighter weight and impervious to water damage.

This lightweight synthetic fiber delivers high tensile strength with very minimal expansion and contraction. Used to bolster structural integrity, Kevlar is applied at the three major stress points in the hull, adding incredible durability.

Trevira is a felt-like material with fiberglass strands that is applied inside the hull, around the pinning flange, near the end of the manufacturing process. Once coated with resin and cured, it has the strength of aluminum for screw retention.