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Center Console Boats from Sailfish


Sailfish Boats produces center console boats using state-of-the-art technology and advanced engineering to provide the industry’s best family friendly, fishing focused boats. We design each boat with the customer in mind to provide a boat that families will enjoy for years to come. And that will take fishing excursions to the next level with Sailfish boats thanks to advanced designs that fit the angler’s lifestyle.

Center Console Boats

Center Console Boat

Enjoy an easy clean up after a fishing trip thanks to our unique dot matrix non-skid flooring! Choose the perfect seats for your boat that not only provide support and comfort but also allow everyone in the family to have their own place to sit. Add additional storage units and fishing rod holders to keep your equipment safe and secure! Garmin GPS systems, VHF radio and antennas, and built-in battery chargers are just some of the electrical features of Sailfish center console boats.

Enjoy the freedom of the open waters in a fishing boat with your desired features! Sailfish Boats are designed to fill every need of families and anglers. We pay careful attention to every detail to ensure that every ride in our center console boats are comfortable and are perfect for fishing due to the easy access to all sides of the boat. Anglers are able to cast off every side of the boat with fewer obstructions from rails to reel in even the largest fish. The center console is equipped with advanced technology to provide an angler with knowledge of the open waters.

Center Console Fishing Boat

Center Console Fishing Boats

You’ll notice a difference with Sailfish Boats. Take a look at our different center console boat models to find the perfect match for you. Select the best features for your Sailfish Boat to meet your exact specifications! We offer a wide range of boat sizes and designs in order to provide a great experience for every family on each adventure! For more information or questions about our family-friendly fishing boats for sale, contact your nearest Sailfish dealer.

Anglers and families alike enjoy the comfort and flexibility of center console boats. With a variety of thoughtfully designed and masterfully crafted features, Sailfish Boats are especially popular among anglers, recreational boaters, and families looking to relax and enjoy time on the water with their loved ones. Sailfish offers many great options for family-friendly and fishing-focused boats, but here is a selection of our best center console boats for families and fishing!


Best Center Console Boats for Families:

Center console boats have the 360-degree access that anglers demand and space and flexibility families enjoy. All boaters should consider the safety features of the boat before selecting a particular model. Sailfish Boats are engineered with high-quality materials that provide ultimate comfort and safety for everyone inside the boat. Our center console boats feature some of the highest gunwales in the industry, designed to keep everyone dry and securely inside. In addition, they offer seating with added comfort and extra storage to keep everything you bring onboard dry and protected from the elements. Families also enjoy the optional comfort features such as a freshwater sink, vanity storage, removable bow table, additional cup holders, and charging system to keep electronics powered up throughout the journey. Sailfish’s Best Center Console Boats are perfect for families looking to enjoy time on the water. Here are some of our best center console boats for families!

Center Console Boat from Sailfish Boats

320 CC

The 320CC from Sailfish Boats features a curved T-top with plenty of sun protection, a dash facing that accommodates large flush mounted electronics, and stylish cushions and bolsters to create a beautiful, comfortable center console boat for families! Add in the signature Sailfish Variable Degree Stepped (VDS) hull and you have a high-performance, spacious family boat that is also agile for smooth boating. Families are able to add additional features to the 320CC to tailor the center console boat for their specific needs.

320CC Center Console Boat

220 CC

This gorgeous center console boat is one of the most popular on the market. The 220CC is 22-feet long and provides a smooth ride. Quality standard features such as comfortable front helm seating, a surface-mounted battery switch, and updated dash facing enhance the experience on this family-friendly center console boat. Add additional features to create the best center console boat for your family!

Best Center Console Boats for Fishing:

When it comes to fishing, you want a boat that drives well and has features that make fishing seamless and enjoyable. Sailfish Boats creates center console boats with anglers in mind, meaning that each of our boats features aspects designed to make a fishing trip comfortable! Sailfish uses high-quality materials to ensure your center console boat is able to handle a variety of fishing conditions. Additional features, such as our exclusive non-skid dot matrix flooring and plentiful rod holders help make fishing less work and more fun. Here are a few of our best center console boats for fishing.

Center Console Boat for Fishing


Enjoy the open water on this center console boat designed to deliver an amazing fishing platform. A sleek design combined with a powerful outboard engine and features designed especially for anglers make this one of the best center console boats on the market. The Sailfish 241CC is functional, comfortable and perfect for both offshore and inshore fishing and family fun.

Fishing Boat Center Console


The 270CC is designed to be able to handle the toughest offshore conditions while providing the comfort and functionality that anglers need. Storage is a key feature of this center console boat, as well as extra space in the interior to make fishing easier. Experience enhanced fishability with high gunwales, large fish boxes and a transom live well.