Best Fishing Boats

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How do you choose the right fishing boat? It is important to take a number of different factors into account when choosing which type of fishing boat is right for you. Experience level, number of fishers, level of casting access desired, and many other preferences will help you determine which type of boat is right for you. We offer a number of boats that are perfect for all types of fishing; read below to learn more about each boat and to choose your perfect boat.

Center Console Fishing Boats

Our center console fishing boats are our most popular fishing boats. These boats are popular for a reason – the unique center console design allows for 360 degree access to the water. With this much flexibility, dedicated anglers can cast from any angle with no hassle. Each center console fishing boat comes with plenty of rod holders, making it a great choice for casual fishermen and highly-skilled anglers alike. Our center console fishing boats also include non-skid flooring, which allows for easy clean up once you are done fishing for the day. With all of these unique features, it’s no wonder that the center console fishing boat has proven to be a top choice amongst nearly all types of fishermen.

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best fishing boats

Sailfish Boats 325 DC Fishing Boat

Dual Console Fishing Boats

Dual console fishing boats are the perfect choice for anglers planning on bringing multiple guests with them on their fishing trips. In fact, our dual console fishing boats are one of the most popular choices for fishermen who are looking to bring their family and friends out for a day on the lake. This boat’s most popular feature is its amount of seating, ensuring a comfortable fishing trip for anglers and spectators alike. The dual console fishing boat offers front and rear casting access and also includes a livewell and an in-floor fish box. Additionally, there are many extra storage options for fishing equipment or even for leisure items such as coolers, water floats, and speakers. The versatility of the dual console fishing boat makes it a wonderful choice for any angler looking to make memories at the lake with friends and family.

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Walkaround Fishing Boats

Walkaround fishing boats are a unique blend of a center console boat and a walkaround cuddy. Walkaround fishing boats feature spacious cabins, allowing space for many guests and even for accommodating overnight stays. With many rear casting options and copious amount of storage, trips on this fishing boat are sure to please every angler and spectator. Our walkaround fishing boats also offer a variety of high-tech features including the newest GPS technology, long-distance radio antennas, and light-up speakers. From relaxing days on the lake to long fishing excursions, walkaround boats provide the functionality needed for all circumstances.

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Sailfish Boats Walkaround Fishing Boat


In the process of selecting a fishing boat, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of water that you will be fishing on. Saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing are completely different in terms of technique and species of fish available. Once you’ve determined which type of water you’d like to use your boat in, choosing the right fishing boat will seem like less of a daunting task.

Freshwater Fishing

Lake Fishing: Lake fishing provides varying depth levels and many different environments for fish to thrive in. The most popular species of fish to catch in lake environments are largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, perch, bluegill, and lake trout. Center console, dual console, and walkaround boats are popular choices for lake fishing because of the wide variety of casting options and the amount of seating available for guests.
Pond Fishing: Pond fishing is generally more peaceful than lake fishing due to the shallowness of the water. Bay boats are popular choices for pond fishing because they are designed to navigate shallow waters with ease.

Saltwater Fishing

Offshore Fishing: Also known as deep sea fishing, offshore fishing involves fishing farther away from shore. This allows anglers the opportunity to catch many different types of fish including grouper, sailfish, blackfin, marlin, and even sea bass. Center console and dual console boats are popular choices for offshore fishing because of the amount of space and casting options that they offer.
Saltwater Bay Fishing: Saltwater bays are much shallower than typical saltwater fishing locations. Because they have the advantage of being semi-enclosed, this type of fishing is popular for those looking to catch striped bass, salmon, baitfish, and crustaceans. Bay boats are popular choices for saltwater bay fishing because they are designed to navigate shallow waters with ease.
Our team is dedicated to helping you choose, design, and craft the perfect boat to fit all of your needs. Sailfish boats are designed by anglers for anglers; with this in mind, you can be assured that your Sailfish boat will be high quality, expertly engineered, fishing focused, and family friendly. Start building your dream boat today!

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States and is a fun pastime for families and dedicated anglers alike during the spring and summer months. Nearly 50 million Americans participated in recreational fishing in 2017, and that number continues to grow each year. Each angler’s fishing experience relies heavily on the type of boat that they are utilizing, which makes choosing a fishing boat seem like a daunting task. At Sailfish we are dedicated to helping anglers choose and customize the perfect boat. Whether you are looking to take the family out for a fun day of fishing on the lake or are deep sea fishing with friends, our boats match every need.

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