Matt Smith and his family are from Orlando, Fla. and own a Sailfish 2660CC. After spotting their Sailfish at the Palm Beach Boat Show a couple years back, Matt decided to purchase Kilonation because of the family-friendly features and the extreme fishability that Sailfish is known for.

ThFishing with Smith Family eir 2660CC is the perfect match for their boating lifestyle. Matt wanted to use the boat for saltwater fishing and family activities. “We came from a wakeboard boat scene, so our Sailfish was the first center console we have ever owned,” said Matt.

The Smith family enjoys using their 2660CC for offshore fishing and also take a yearly trip scalloping out of Crystal River, Fla. Matt said, “One of our favorite things to do is to take our boat out of Port Canaveral and head offshore about 40+ miles to the Gulf Stream.”

“We are still in the learning phase of center console boating, as we have only had our Sailfish for about a year and a half,” Matt said, “but our favorite thing to do is to head offshore fishing and hear the clicker on the reels SCREAM from a hookup!”

The Smith family has enjoyed many days out on the water catching fish out of Port Canaveral, Crystal River, and St. Johns River. With the built-in versatility for fishing and family fun, their 2660CC has everything they need!

“Our favorite family memory on our Sailfish was when my wife and I reeled in a 45lb Bull Mahi on pink skirted ballyhoo… He went around the boat, under the boat, and I missed the first attempt with the gaff. I am amazed but also proud we got him!” said Matt.
KilonationKilonation offers plenty of seating room, an abundance of storage space, and is built using the Sailfish exclusive Variable Degree Stepped Hull.

Matt explained, “We have young children, so one of our favorite things about our Sailfish is the high gunwales.”

The deep gunwales are designed to keep passengers safely inside and water out. The wide bow flare on a Sailfish keeps water from blowing back into the boat. Whether you’re idling or cutting through the surf, the Sailfish VDS hull is the optimal design for a comfortable, safe ride.