Robert Jasman from Rockford, Mich. cruises the northern waters in his 2003 Sailfish 266CC. Purchased in Holland, Mich., his Sailfish 266CC may be a Center Console but don’t be fooled… it also has a DUAL identity. His Sailfish has one name for daily use and an alter ego for when he participates in fishing tournaments. During normal fishing hours, his Sailfish goes by “Fish Bones”, and while on tournament time, she goes by “It’s Me”.

“My favorite Sailfish feature is the 24-degree deadrise. The boat will eat up the water in 2-3 foot seas,” said Robert.

“Fish Bones” is for weekend fun with friends and family while, “It’s Me” is strictly for extreme tournament fishing during tournament season.

After hearing so many great stories about Sailfish Boats from owners, he reached out to a boat surveyor friend for his personal opinion. “He gave me nothing but positive feedback,” Robert remembers. 

This is Robert’s first Center Console and he says all of his friends have been thoroughly impressed with its smooth ride and great features. “Everyone loves the boat!” he said. 

“When we took ‘It’s Me’ out for her first tournament, we ran about 18 miles from the port. The time we saved being able to run faster really paid off, landing all the fish we weighed in the first hour of fishing.” Robert said.

Robert’s favorite thing to do on his Sailfish is to chase big Kings in Michigan and then tow her down to the Gulf of Mexico to chase Yellowfin.

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