What makes your commute to work more bearable? Many of us would say it helps to listen to a favorite song, a podcast, or maybe just taking some time to think. John Barlow of Bayville, N.Y., however, really thinks outside of the car.

Every Friday morning in the Summer, John commutes from Long Island to Manhattan aboard his Sailfish 218CC, setting the new morning commute standard for all of us. Who wouldn’t love to catch the sunrise on the quiet Long Island Sound – free and clear of the hustle and bustle?

Barlowe has been part of the Sailfish Family since 2011, when he purchased his pride and joy, “Isabel”. She’s a Sailfish 218CC Center Console, purchased from Surfside 3 Marina in Hampton Bays, N.Y.

“I chose my Sailfish Boat over other competitors because the look of the boat, the performance and the reviews were all great. One of my favorite features of my Sailfish is the Deep V Hull. It rides great for a 21’. I’ve had many experienced boaters that have driven Isabel or that have been on her and they say it’s the best-riding 21’ they have ever experienced.” said John.

One of the most unique features that sets Sailfish apart from others is the Variable Degree Stepped Hull. The Sailfish VDS Hull is designed with three distinct running surfaces. The first has a deep deadrise that cuts through the water, and the other two surfaces provide lift and stability.  If you want a smooth ride, in rough or calm waters, look no further.


John has found many versatile ways to enjoy his Sailfish. Upon purchasing the boat, he started out with inshore fishing on the Long Island Sound. In addition, when he can catch a southerly wind, he now also relies on Isabel as his trusty transportation back to Long Island after a full day of kitesurfing the downwinders to Connecticut.

When he’s not commuting to work, John praises his Sailfish as a great family boat for living out the summer weekends to the max with his wife and two daughters. Whether they are taking Isabel out to Connecticut, New York City or Rye for lunch and dinner or to the Sandhole for raftups off of Lloyds Neck – their Sailfish boat is a true gem that is built for entertainment AND angling.

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